Overhead Crane Maintenance

Our service consultants will review your current crane maintenance practices and offer advice that will help to create value in your operations. We understand overhead crane equipment and the need for safe and reliable performance. Our goal is to assist our clients in maximizing maintenance spending to create ROI

We will assess your facility, processes, current equipment, and usage by conducting a site audit. A consultation will be rendered after completing assessments, having a detailed strategy with suggestions for more productive, cost-effective, and safer lifting equipment.

Maintenance Consulting

When providing maintenance consultancy, we do an overview of equipment utilization and determine load spectrum requirements of your existing fleet. We use OEM supplier information on duty class and inspection criteria to better understand equipment safe working periods.  We can provide recommendations on possible equipment upgrades and modernizations to improve on optimal equipment availability.

We carry out life cycle analysis, vendor bid analysis, and critical equipment analysis to carefully evaluate the rate of investments. We provide highly-reliable consultancy services to help you reduce costs and unexpected downtime, so that you can prevent losses, and boost productivity.

Our area of expertise includes all types of overhead cranes, gantries, jibs and hoisting units. We understand the nuisances of equipment applications and can advise on the best direction to ensure customer satisfaction. Our aim is to resolve technical problems before they become issues that cost our clients unwanted expenses.

Supplier Vetting

Overhead Crane Consultants of Canada Inc. will assist you in choosing the right supplier. We are not an Overhead crane maintenance company have no alliances with any manufacturer, we only provide recommendations based on 40+ years in the Overhead crane industry We do not make biased recommendations; rather, we provide facts and then discuss them with our clients so they can decide what’s best for them.

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