Overhead Crane Equipment

Our crane equipment consultation team will give you optimum crane advice, from determining duty classifications to dealing with difficult environmental conditions in your plant or industry.  Our team includes senior consultants that are capable of advising clients about complex crane designs, production, installation, maintenance and material flow.

We provide highly-reliable consultancy services to help you reduce costs and unexpected downtime, so that you can prevent losses, and boost productivity. Our area of expertise includes all types of overhead cranes, gantries, jibs and hoisting units. We understand the nuisances of equipment applications and can advise on the best direction to ensure customer satisfaction. Our aim is to resolve technical problems before they become issues that cost our clients unwanted expenses.

Equipment Consulting

We render equipment consulting by determining equipment selection based on duty class, environmental requirements, affordability, and future usage requirements. After reviewing equipment requirements, we will evaluate supplier qualification and product offers to develop purchase specifications based on the clients’ performance criteria to determine future equipment purchases.

System Specifications

We often see the crane and hoist project specifications that are outdated, contradictory, ambiguous, and maybe slanted towards a single supplier. Overhead Crane Consultants of Canada Inc. understands the equipment’s industrial and technical aspects and offers review and validation services. We can aide in new specification development that is tailored to your specific application and usage requirements

Data Sheets

We can prepare equipment data sheets and analyze the data to determine the right equipment fit based on pre established equipment specifications.

Inspections & Test Plans

We can evaluate current equipment test plans and supervise production phases in suppliers manufacturing plants.

Project Management

We offer the ability to help manage the equipment procurement process and assist in maintaining project milestones to ensure on time delivery results.

Site Supervision

We offer guidance for onsite activities such as Installation, Commissioning and Testing.

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