Overhead Cranes are one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in industry today. Industries such as Mining, Automotive, Steel, Power Generation and  General Manufacturing have various needs specific to their business activities. With multiple factors to be considered when selecting the right equipment for getting the job done, Overhead Crane Consultants of Canada Inc. is there to provide advice on available choices to suit your demanding requirements.

We render equipment and service consultancy that helps you with your overhead crane handling prerequisites. Having critical industry specific experience, we provide a complete and reliable evaluation of your company’s overhead lifting equipment.  We have been in the overhead crane industry for more than 40 years and have dealt with various customers from multiple sectors in many different areas of influence. Our experience includes direct sales, project management, manufacturing expertise, ROI analysis and overall material handling logistics. We realize the need in the marketplace for clients to receive guidance when purchasing overhead cranes and crane services.

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Overhead Crane Consultants of Canada Inc. is an overhead crane consulting company. However, we do not build cranes or have any affiliation with crane builders but help play an integral role between buyers and sellers. Many buyers are not experts on overhead material handling equipment, and an uninformed purchase can cost them for years. Overhead Crane Consultants of Canada Inc. has extensive experience with Industrial Overhead Cranes, Overhead Crane Consulting, Gantry Cranes, Single and Double Grinder Cranes, and Electric Wire Rope Hoists.

Overhead Crane Consultants of Canada Inc. provides industry-leading consultation services for all types of industrial cranes. We offer multiple consultancy services that carefully examine your cranes and there components. We render our services to uncover critical issues to help you guide decision-making. Our objective is to improve safety, enhance the level of productivity and sustainability of your lifting operations.

We are crane consultants only, and we do not sell overhead cranes and have no financial relationships with any crane sellers or dealers.

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